Unify Against Bullying




Here at the Alport we celebrate true diversity and teach mutual respect for each other. We

wish to promote 'Unify Against Bullying' an anti bullying charity whose mission statement is:


We pledge to bring an end to bullying through the

celebration of true diversity.

There are countless children waging quiet battles against bullying. Many believe that they are alone. Unify Against Bullying wants these children to know they are far from alone. They are supported by a loving, caring community of fellow students, teachers, parents, brothers, sisters, business leaders and others. When we stand together, we stand as one.


During October and November we are promoting mutual respect, diversity and teaching children tolerance (a core value in our curriculum). To support the charity we would like to take part in the worldwide October event 'Selfie Challenge'.

More information shall follow and pupils will need parental permission to participate. Should you wish to find out more information about the charity 'Unify Against Bullying' and the event, follow this link http://unifyagainstbullying.org/about.html

Chester Road,
Cheshire SY14 8PY
Headteacher: Mrs N Wetton
Main Contact: Terri-Ann Reynolds
If you would like to contact someone at school for help with anything please use the number or the email address above FAO: to Mrs Reynolds or Mrs Tilley
SEN Contact: Miss G Harper