Languages (MFL)

At Malpas Alport, we recognise the importance of promoting the languages and cultures from other countries around the world in order to open our understanding and sense of discovery. Languages are for life and are a vital part of the cultural richness of our world and society.

During our learning in Modern Foreign Languages, we focus on the Spanish language which provides them with a secure foundation before moving on to secondary school.

Within our weekly Spanish lessons, there is a strong emphasis on fostering an enjoyment of languages through songs, rhymes, games and utilsiing the learning that we engage with across our wider school life. Having opportunities to use our learning in a practical context further enhances the engagement and enjoyment of the subject whilst strengthening knowledge and understanding.

Through our MFL curriculum we aim to:

· Develop the confidence and skills in children to learn a new language

· Learn Spanish in a creative way and to develop knowledge of many aspects of another culture

· Explain and develop geographical knowledge of Spain and other countries in which the language is spoken

· Learn about the heritage of Spain and the people who live there

· Show tolerance and respect for people around the world and their cultures

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Headteacher: Mrs N Wetton
Main Contact: Terri-Ann Reynolds
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