Pre-School sessions and entitlement

Pre-School sessions...

Your child will qualify for free sessions through the Early Years Foundation Stage Grant (known as the EYFSG) from the term after your child's third birthday. Depending on your personal circumstances, your child will either be entitled to 15 or 30 hours of free funding per week.

Pre-School is open daily Monday to Friday from 9am to 3pm, during term time only. Details of the school term dates can be found on the main home page.

We offer the 30 hours funding but again term time only Monday-Friday from 9am - 3pm. Where children opt to stay for a school lunch, there is an additional charge.

For those parents who do not qualify for the 30 hour entitlement and only have 15 hours funding, there are 2 options:                             

Option 1: Monday and Tuesday 9am-3pm  plus Weds 9am-12pm                                                                            Option2: Weds 12pm-3pm plus Thursday and Friday 9am-3pm.                                                                             

We also offer the chance to "top up" on the 15 hours with addiitonal sessions being charged. 


Chester Road,
Cheshire SY14 8PY
Headteacher: Mrs N Wetton
Main Contact: Terri-Ann Reynolds
If you would like to contact someone at school for help with anything please use the number or the email address above FAO: to Mrs Reynolds or Mrs Tilley
SEN Contact: Miss G Harper