Teaching Staff





 Mrs Wetton is our Headteacher.

Mrs Williams is our Deputy Headteacher and teaches 5/6 Beech.


Senior leadership team.

Mr Jones teaches 5/6 Oak.
Mr Jardine teaches 3/4 Sycamore

Mr Palmer is our Assistant Headteacher and teaches 5/6 Elm.


Senior leadership team.

Miss Harper teaches 1/2 Hazel and is our SENCo.


Senior leadership team.


Mrs Brown teaches 1/2 Birch.




Mr Hobbs teaches 3/4 Willow.



Mrs Rogers teaches 3/4 Ash

Mr Sainsbury teaches 1/2 Maple.






Mrs Jeffries teaches Foundation Stage (Holly).


Mrs Edney is the school's EYFS lead and teaches part time in Foundation Stage (Chestnut).





Mrs Stone teaches in Foundation Stage part time (Chestnut).
Mrs Jones is an Early years teacher in Pre-School
Miss Hughes is a specialist teacher and works across the school.


Chester Road,
Cheshire SY14 8PY
Headteacher: Mrs N Wetton
Main Contact: Terri-Ann Reynolds
If you would like to contact someone at school for help with anything please use the number or the email address above FAO: to Mrs Reynolds or Mrs Tilley
SEN Contact: Miss G Harper